Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where did the information orginate for AID Yellowbook?  All information for AID Yellowbook came from public sources. Sources are validated before posting and if information is not available, AID Yellowbook will indicate this.

2.  Can we share the information? AID Yellowbook is protected by copyright and trademark and the password can not be shared nor may data be copied, printed, downloaded or forwarded in paper or electronical form.

3.  How often does Development Essentials upload the data and information? It is uploaded weekly and subscribers will be notified by e-mail of the update and any other recent news.

4.  Would Development Essentials consider adding more data and information? There are plans to add more data to AID Yellowbook in the near future. If you have any suggestions for data write to

5.  How does AID Yellowbook relate to the USAID business forecast? AID Yellowbook is a complete list of active and expiring awards. The USAID business forecast, while much improved, still does not include all future business requirements. By subscribing to AID Yellowbook, you will not miss business opportunities and you will be informed earlier in the acquisition cycle. If you see an expiring award on AID Yellowbook that is not on the business forecast, inquire with the designated contracting officer if the award will be recompeted or will be closed out.     

6.  Why did Development Essentials design AID Yellowbook? AID Yellowbook was designed as a management tool to improve an organization’s business forecast, research and planning and ultimately the success rate of proposal submission. It was designed after the USAID Yellowbook, which is longer published.

7.  How did Development Essentials determine the subscription fees? Fees are based upon gross revenues; whereby, larger organizations that would benefit more from AID Yellowbook would pay more vs medium and smaller organizations.

8. What is recent news? Periodically, Development Essentials writes articles on recent or breaking news on business opportunities. As a subscriber these are included in the subscription fee and a notice will be provided to subscribers automatically.

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