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In late 2004 USAID launched it Brand Strategy and Marking Plan requirements. Prior to that USAID, after extensive public comment, incorporated the requirements in 22 CFR, ADS and grant and contract clauses. The USAID Inspector General has also made it apart of its audits and semi annual report to Congress. For some organizations, developing an effective plan remains a challenge. Using a standardized and compliant template we will walk you through the process of developing and effective plan, preparing the budget and steps to implementation.

Content and Objectives

  1. Why is a Branding Strategy and Marking Plan required by the donor?
  2. What are the federal codes, regulations and clauses for a Branding Strategy and Marking Plan?
  3. What is an effective Branding Strategy and Marking Plan?
  4. How do I develop a budget for branding marking?
  5. How does my organization implement a Branding Strategy and Marking Plan?
  6. To what extent does the USAID Inspector General audit branding and marking?


Complete the on line questions when you register so we can better understand your needs. If possible, bring a lap top that can access the internet for classroom hands-on research and assignments.


Price – $750
Duration – 2-days

Who Should Attend

This course can benefit your field staff to include contracts and grants, procurement, finance and program.

After the Course

You will be able to develop an Branding Strategy and Marking Plan, prepare a budget and take the necessary steps to implementation.


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