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We understand the solicitation requirements are a challenge, the proposal process lengthy and the regulations sometimes confusing. Our courses are designed to provide the tools and skills every organization needs to use on daily basis and ultimately be successful at winning a USAID contract. In this three day course we will take you through every step of the process: advanced preparation and research; identifying contract funding opportunities, analyzing solicitations; drafting technical and cost proposals; and the negotiation process.


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We understand the solicitation requirements are a challenge, the proposal process lengthy and the regulations sometimes confusing. Our courses are designed to provide the tools and skills every organization needs to use on daily basis and ultimately be successful at winning a USAID contract. In this three day course we will take you through every step of the process: advanced preparation and research; identifying contract funding opportunities, analyzing solicitations; drafting technical and cost proposals; and the negotiation process.

Oct 21-23, 2019 Holiday Inn, Rosslyn, VA
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  • Regular – By Oct 20 – $950
  • Late – On Oct 21 – $1,000
    $50 Last Minute Registration Fee
Nov 18-20, 2019 Holiday Inn, Rosslyn, VA
  • Early – By Nov 4  – $850
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  • Regular – By Nov 17 – $950
  • Late – On Nov 18 – $1,000
    $50 Last Minute Registration Fee
Aug 19-21, 2019 Holiday Inn, Rosslyn, VA
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  • Regular – By Jan 21 – $950
  • Late – On Jan 22 – $1,000
    $50 Last Minute Registration Fee

Content and Objectives

  1. How do I prepare my organization in advance of a solicitation?
  2. What research can my organization accomplish in advance of a solicitation?
  3. What are the different types of contract funding opportunities (solicitations)?
  4. How do I analyze a contract solicitation?
  5. How do I prepare my organization for drafting the contract proposal?
  6. How do I respond to negotiation questions from USAID?


Complete the on line questions when you register so we can better understand your needs. If possible, bring a lap top to access the internet for classroom assignments and a contract solicitation your organization is interested in submitting a proposal.


Course Duration – 3-days

Who Should Attend

The new business development team which may include technical, development, program, finance, contracting and administrative staff. As everyone in your organization has a role in new business development, the course is designed for the entire team.

After the Course

Most importantly–you will be able to begin drafting your first contract proposal knowing the necessary steps to prepare your organization in advance, what research you can accomplish, identify contract funding opportunities,  drafting the technical and cost proposals and successfully completing the negotiation process.

22 responses to “Winning USAID Contracts Course”

  1. Jori Barabino says:

    Very thorough, overwhelming in a good way. Interactive with reviews of the material that we were learning. Very on
    point with consistent take aways that people can use in the future.

  2. Eve says:

    This course is a great overview for doing business with USAID and is suitable for all levels of experience. Chris is very knowledgeable with practical and relevant experience in contracting in USAID. His understanding of the end-to-end capture cycle with USAID provided great insights. The participants of the course also were great sources of information in the USAID environment. Highly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in fostering a strong relationship with USAID!

  3. LR says:

    I highly recommend this course. I recently won an award as a subcontractor but still I learned a lot. I was able to research opportunities, incumbents and competitors during the course. As a high level CO from a regional Mission, Chris brings much to the table and knows every nook and cranny of solicitations and proposals. The three days are jam packed so be prepared to work hard and learn loads!

  4. LR says:

    I highly recommend this course. I learned much more than I expected and during the three days of the class, and was able to research competitors and incumbents. Having been a CO for a regional Mission, Christopher brings a very high level of experience to the table and knows all the nooks and crannies of a solicitation and a good proposal. I am a recipient of a recent proposal but he still brought new informations to the table. Worth every penny. (Get lots of sleep, the course is rigorous!).

  5. Dina Towbin says:

    The Winning USAID Contracts Workshop was a great experience for me. I found the instructor, Chris O’Donnell, a former USAID Contracting Officer, to be extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Even though I’ve been writing USAID contract proposals for more than 25 years, I learned a lot. I especially appreciated the information on how to submit an unsolicited proposal and how to write a proposal without seeing the RFP. Very creative! I hope some of my clients embrace these strategies! I am putting the knowledge I’ve gained into action immediately! If you want to win more USAID contracts, this is the course for you. Being able to gain information that goes to the heart of the contracting process was invaluable. Don’t wait! Sign up today!

  6. Jd Walter says:

    Excellent course and very much worth the cost. I came away with not only a better understanding of the USAID acquisition approach and strategy, but a plan to develop multiple proposals. Chris offered pragmatic guidance on preparing proposals and how to use solicitations to inform capture planning. Highly recommend for companies and individuals wanting to establish or expand their footprint within the Agency.

  7. Genevieve Turcott says:

    I thought I knew a good bit about USAID solicitations and responses, but I walked away from this course with so much more than I ever expected to learn. Chris is a wealth of knowledge, and this course offers tons of valuable tips and information. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their USAID proposals!

  8. Rosemary Bchara says:

    Excellent overview of the basics as well as valuable insight into USAID’s procurement process. This course is great for anyone new to USAID business development but also a great refresher for seasoned professionals as well.

  9. Sinead Gangler says:

    I highly recommend this course led by Chris. Having worked in the USAID business development world for about 7 years now, I was surprised to discover how much about the business there was to learn! Chris packed a lot of valuable information into this 3-day course. It was well-structured, sharply tailored, and provided keen insights from the perspective of a former USAID CO. Many thanks to Chris for this excellent course.

  10. Abou Kone says:

    This course covers all the necessary points an organization or an individual should know in order to prepare a well researched and responsive proposal. It also provides a unique perspective and valuable insight from a former USAID Contract Officer. I found this course very useful.

  11. Mary Ellen Dingley says:

    This course was a great overview for someone like me who is new to the USAID contracts space! We had plenty of time for even the most detailed question and Chris made sure to give us full answers and tailor examples to us.

  12. Georgette Hatcheu says:

    Overall this course great and powerful. The handbook is full of information for non profit and for profit, for great and small organizations. The instructor is very knowledgeable and full of experience. At the end of the course I really feel ready to negotiate and win a contract with USAID, I understood the culture, the language and how to approach USAID officers.

  13. Fleming Stevenson Borer says:

    Chris was incredibly knowledgeable about USAID as well as government contracting in general. Easy going class where questions are welcome and answered thoroughly. This is a great class for anyone currently working in USAID or is looking to get into it.

  14. Andrea P says:

    This course is very useful not only for small businesses but for anyone who is trying to learn the unique way USAID works. I was most intrigued by all the business development aspects and possibilities of the process. Great course, I took away a lot, and it definitely assisted me and my organization to review our strategy with USAID.

  15. Anthony Caole says:

    Chris has the unique perspective of having facilitated proposal review teams from the inside. That insight and knowledge, as well as his real-world experience and expertise, was apparent throughout his course, along with Chris’ passion for development work. The course outline and materials are methodically laid out and comprehensive. I took a similar course from another training provider, but felt Chris’ course provided me the real insights to be competitive.

  16. Lisa says:

    The course was very thorough and useful. It covered every aspect and section of the submission process. While the focus was contracts, Chris very helpfully pointed out the similarities and differences with grants where appropriate.

  17. Lenoure Recanatini says:

    Chris is highly knowledgeable and a great presenter. We had participants from all over the world and with varying skills in business development, and he was able to engage the entire group and make it interesting and informative for everyone. He provided useful tips for communicating with USAID, and added to my depth of understanding of USAID’s side of the solicitation process.

  18. Samantha Nolan says:

    This course was very useful for a small business trying to enter the USAID market. The most valuable items were discussions on costing and the proposal process. As an organization who mainly works with the UN it was valuable to learn how USAID works from an insider and get some of the tips. Chris did a great job keeping the class involved and sharing his experiences with USAID.

  19. Laura says:

    The USAID Winning Contracts Course was extremely helpful for myself and colleague. As a small business trying to enter into USAID for the first time the overview was extensive and provided us with excellent insights on how to start our engagement process. Chris was extremely professional, well spoken, and extremely well organized throughout the three-day workshop. Along with that, providing us with the full powerpoint presentation as a resource for us to continue to utilize moving forward will be beyond helpful. Overall I would suggest this course to anyone who would like to learn more about the inner workings of USAID Contracts and how to successfully secure them in the future.

  20. WKM says:

    Very thorough and engaging overview of the USAID contracting process. Helpful information and guidance about USAID presented in a low-stress environment. Easy for attendees to participate, ask questions, and get information needed about the Agency and its requirements. Well worth the money.

  21. BF says:

    Very insightful. Other trainings on proposal writing are often from the point of view of the bidder, this was unique because it was from the point of view of a former USAID contracting officer. It was extremely useful to get tips on how to best communicate with USAID and understand expectations as well as to get a review of market intelligence resources and relevant regulations.

  22. Misrak Gizachew says:

    First thank you very much for your kind consideration to support and helping me to get this valuable training with out any payment. Then in the five days training my expectation is I get a lot of knowledge and skills to win USAID Grant. I wish good time for you and hopefully we will see Development Essentials one of the vibrant organization.
    Thank you very much.

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