Overview: Executive consultations are designed to assist senior leadership address with the most challenging strategies and issues facing contractors and grantees. With a wide breath of possible topics, in the past contractors and grantees have sought our advice on new business strategies, analyzing solicitations, past performance, modifications, extensions, technical proposal evaluations, cost proposal evaluations, audits, suspensions and terminations. Generally the consultations are supplemental or follow-on to Development Essentials’ other courses i.e. Winning USAID Awards, Contracts Management and Grants Management.

Content and Objectives:

1. How does my organization increase business (contracts and grants) with the USG?
2. How can our organization enhance preparedness for pending solicitations?
3. How do we answer contractor past performance report particularly when its not positive?
4. How should our organization respond to a possible suspension or termination?
5. How should our organization approach award modifications and extensions?
6. What are the pros and cons of a protest for our organization?

Prerequisites: Provide questions or topics four days in advance of the scheduled consultation.

Registration: Price, $1,000; Consultation Duration, 4 hours. Payment is required in advance and on line at developmentessentials.us

Who Should Attend: Executive Consultations for USG Awards are designed for senior leadership of contractors and grantees (e.g. president, chief executive officer, vice president, chief financial officer).

After the Consultations: Contractors and grantees will have clear understanding of the challenges or issues it faces and with clear recommendations and steps on possible options.

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