Top Websites to Research the Competition & Market



Price:  $55.00


Development Essentials has done the work for you–studied every US Government database and came up with the top six.  With this interactive webinar Development Essentials will walk you through each database, in the correct order and show you how to find and extract critical information on the incumbent, competitors and the upcoming solicitation.  The interactive webinar will cover:,,, USAID Business Forecast, Development Experience Clearinghouse, FPDS-NG and

Content and Objective

  1. How to identify the incumbent and competitors?
  2. How to research the incumbent?
  3. How to find, study and apply the information from incumbent’s solicitation?
  4. How to find technical reports and evaluations of the incumbent?
  5. How to find and understand the incumbent’s financial information?


Under “Webinars” at the top of the home page, select the scheduled webinar, complete the registration and payment options.   A receipt will be automatically sent to your email account.

Who Should Attend?

If you are on the business development team or contribute to the process, this is the interactive webinar for you. The skills from the interactive webinar will benefit the entire team from technical writers to the cost and pricing team.

After the Webinar

You will now know what it takes to research the competition and competitive market to get a jump on the competition.

Terms and Conditions

Development Essentials will not record the webinar.  Development Essentials requests participants not record the webinar to keep the session as interactive as possible where participants are free to share and ask the most critical questions.  The presentation will be sent to all participants after the webinar.  Prior to the webinar a participant can request a full refund (minus the PayPal processor fee) or select another webinar.

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