Development Essentials began with a few ideas on a napkin in a coffee shop in Kenya—how to give talented and committed organizations greater opportunities to lead development implementation. USAID Forward, a reform agenda, would increase direct funding to local organizations. By fiscal year 2015, 30 percent of USAID’s budget will fund local partners: nonprofit organizations, private sector, educational institutions and host nation governments. This year USAID has set a goal for small businesses—6.5 percent of a mission’s budget. To be successful over the long term, these organizations would need to fully understand the solicitation and proposals requirements; finance and program reporting; and grants and audit regulations.

At Development Essentials we think every organizations, large, small, disadvantaged, faith based, for-profit, nonprofit, local and partner governments can lead foreign assistance programs. USAID Forward helps accomplish this by rebalancing the foreign assistance portfolio, just like you would with your personal investments. While some missions are making minor adjustments in funding, for others, it will be a challenge.

Whether your new to USAID or a growing organization, our team would like to help you. We have a team of former USAID, Americans and local staff bringing hands on experience and knowledge.  Our courses are comprehensive, addressing critical details of the solicitation, proposal development, grants, finance, reporting, closeout and audit. We know its a challenge to take you over the finish line in less than a week, but we’re up to it. When you graduate from one of our courses, you’ll graduate knowing how to take your organization to the next level.

We strive to hire the very best — people who are knowledgeable, passionate and thoughtful about development. We believe it is our obligation to relentlessly focus on your needs, and we make every decision with you in mind.

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