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The number of US Government and USAID grant regulations and policies are constantly increasing, changing, and becoming more complex.  Most recently (in November 2020) the US Government revised 2 CFR 200 requiring USAID to update grant standard provisions and internal policies.  At the same time USAID continues to revise the Automated Directives System and issue new Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives, waivers, and deviations. This seminar is designed to provide participants the knowledge and practical application of US Government and USAID grant regulations and policies.  By doing so, participants will be able to apply them to business development, application submission, grants administration, modifications/extensions, close-out, and audit. 

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The two-day seminar will cover US government and USAID grant regulations and policies applicable to cooperative agreements, grants, and fixed amount awards to include the USAID Automated Directive System 303 and grant standard provisions, 2 CFR 200, 2 CFR 700, Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives, waivers, and deviations. The facilitator will identify where to find each regulation or policy and how to interpret and apply the regulation to USAID solicitations and awards.  For grant cost principles, the facilitator will explain the terms allocable, allowable and reasonableness and how auditors determine unreasonable or unsupported costs.  The seminar will also cover steps to seek a modification, approval, and waiver from USAID.  Discussion of 2 CFR 200 cost principles include compensation, fringe benefits, allowances, travel, lodging and per diem.  Finally, the facilitator will explain the recent 2 CFR 200 revisions for procurements and geographic codes to purchase goods and services.

Jan 22-23, 2024 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT
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Content and Objectives

  1. What is the hierarchy of US Government grant regulations?
  2. What are the major grant compliance requirements in 2 CFR 200 and 2 CFR 700?
  3. How to select the award instrument:  acquisition vs assistance?
  4. What are the US Government grant cost principles (2 CFR 200)?
  5. What are the USAID grant standard provisions (US NGO, Non-US NGO, mandatory and as applicable)?
  6. What are the USAID suspension, termination and audit requirements?


Complete the online questions when you register.  If possible, bring a Request for Application and laptop to access the internet for classroom exercises.


Course Duration – 2-days,  9:00am-5:00pm

Who Should Attend

The seminar can be useful for staff involved in business development, finance, grant and subgrant management, audit, and close-out.  The seminar is designed and presented to meet the needs of participants from entry level to senior level.

After the Course

Participants will be able to apply the seminar knowledge to business development, financial management, sub-award & sub-contract management, audit, and close-out requirements.

14 responses to “USAID Contracts Compliance for Success”

  1. Paula P. says:

    Many, many thanks to Chris for taking us through this course in a detailed, insightful and patient manner; the tips and advice given are invaluable! This course has increased my capacity to effectively manage grant funding.

  2. Carlos Lozano says:

    The course was very helpful and very detailed. Chris had a lot of knowledge and did a great job presenting. It shows he has a lot of experience with USAID policies and procedures. I highly recommend this course.

  3. Juan Posada says:

    A very detailed, insightful course. The material was clear and useful, and Chris took the time to expand in topics that demanded careful examination. A list of tools and sources was also provided, thus completing the manual given to participants during the course. The course and the manual are organized in a way that makes it easy to review topics and notes in a time-saving fashion.

  4. Eddie Jurkovic says:

    This course was very helpful for me – as someone totally new to the world of USAID grant management. I feel like I have all of the fundamental knowledge to work successfully in the USAID framework. Would recommend the course to anyone who needs to really learn the details and nuances of USG grants.

  5. Zeitun Ally says:

    I took this course in August 2017 and don’t regret it at all. USAID grants policies and procedures are complicated and require careful oversight. It was refreshing to walk through policies and procedures with someone who has been a part of USAID. The course felt even more personalised due to Chris’s experience working in the East Africa region, particularly Kenya. Chris was patient, and adjusted his training to meet the needs of the participants depending on what their level of experience with USAID was. Understanding the rationale for certain policies and USAID expectations boosted my confidence in working with USAID. Despite the trainings being all day, he was so engaging that time flew by without my noticing. I would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning more about USAID grant policies and procedures, especially for folks who are starting off their partnerships with USAID. Thank you Chris!

  6. Nate Johnson says:

    I found the USAID Grants Policies and Procedures Course very informative. Our organization has never received a USAID grant before this course, and I thought it prepared us well for the prospect of applying for and managing one. Thanks so much Chris for your time and assistance.

  7. Ashley Boccuzzi says:

    Our sincerest thanks to Chris for taking hundreds of policy pages and making them more approachable and relevant to our project work. One of the strengths of the training was Chris’ willingness to balance the overall USAID procedures and guidelines with real-world examples – both from Chris’ experience as well as all of the students in the course. Chris took care to answer all of the questions that we brought forward during this time and I feel more empowered and confident to engage with USAID grants as a result. Looking forward to a next opportunity to learn from Chris!

  8. Hokim says:

    I would like to thank you for well organized training on USAID Grants Policies and Procedures. The material was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the presentation and diseminated books, which made the content easily understandable.
    Please thank on my behalf everyone who was involved in the preparation and execution of the training. I look forward to attend future trainings once I will have an opportunity. I highly recommend to Grants Managers, DCOPs, COPs to attend this cource with mr.Chris O’Donnel.

  9. David Hansen says:

    I attended the USAID Grants acquisition and the compliance management courses this past week. I highly recommend them to anyone in a Chief of Party position as they give you an in-depth knowledge of what your team is up against and how to support them. Chris also has a deep practical field experience to draw from.

  10. Michael Sweikar says:

    The course was very useful and well tailored to our needs as a university. In the past several years, our university has substantially increased our work in partnership with USAID and other federal funding agencies, and Chris’ course was extremely useful to our whole group in reviewing and discussing procedures and policies for USAID, DOS, MCC, DOL, etc. Chris’ approach was very well organized and he provides a handbook to each participant that serves as an excellent resource for us moving forward. We very much appreciate the knowledge that Chris shared with our whole Team and his ability to adapt his Development Essentials course to our specific needs as a university.

  11. Mandana Nakhai says:

    This was a really informative course and worthwhile for people with varying levels of experience. Chris did a great job tailoring the course to be both useful for people who are new to USAID and seasoned compliance staff. I appreciate the resources he has put together for future use.

  12. Lamine Thiam says:

    I had the opportunity to participate in this course organized in July 2017 in Nairobi. This very detailed course has allowed me to significantly strengthen and deepen my knowledge and skills in Grant Management in accordance with USAID procedures and policies. Chris is an excellent facilitator and has extensive experience on issues related to USAID procedures and policies. I would highly recommend this course to the COP, DPCOP, Country Directors, Senior Grant Managers and Senior Finance Officers involved in the USAID Grants administration.

  13. Lamine Thiam says:

    I had the opportunity to participate in this course organized in July 2017 in Nairobi. This very detailed course has allowed me to significantly strengthen and deepen my knowledge and skills in Grant Management in accordance with USAID procedures and policies. Chris is an excellent facilitator and has extensive experience on issues related to USAID procedures and policies. I highly recommend this course to any Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party, Country Director, Senior Finance Manager and Grant Manager from any organization involved in the USAID grants administration.

  14. Hanane Idrissi says:

    I took this course last June and it was a great one and I am very glad I did it with Development Essentials. It was a solid two-day review going through USAID grants policies and procedures. The course was very interactive with quizzes and practical cases.
    Mr. Donald is an expert in this area and what I liked most about the training is the tips and do’s/ and don’t he provided us during the course.
    I definitely recommend this course.

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