With tight deadlines to design, develop and submit a foreign assistance proposal to the US government, Development Essentials offers three perfect tools to assist any organization in preparing a cost and technical proposal or modification. The US Embassy Local Compensation Plan includes the local salary schedule, staff allowances, per diem rates and even guidelines to develop employee agreements and policies. This document alone takes all the guesswork out of the proposal process. Second, the Value Added Tax (VAT) Reimbursement Procedures offer step-by-step instructions to claim back VAT from the host government. In some countries VAT exceeds 200 percent and did you know if an organization doesn’t follow the reimbursement procedures, VAT is an unallowable cost? Because collecting proper vendor and transaction information is critical, why delay programs months to research what is required to seek reimbursement? Finally, Development Essential has made available Country Bilateral Agreements, a critical diplomatic agreement and resource for program operations covering banking, licenses, property and exemptions. For program staff the agreements spell-out applicable laws, exemptions, immunities, privileges and limitations. Together these proposal tools give organizations the winning edge in a competitive market and save money, frustration and time during implementation.


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