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Over several years USAID has awarded a greater number of contracts and grants to include a sub-grant component. While a sub-grant component increases flexibility in making awards and the type of awardees, a lack of skills and experience by the prime and sub-grantee can substantially increase risk to implementation and overall compliance. The prime needs to have in-place sub-grant systems, while the sub-grantee is accountable to the same requirements as the prime. With the increased number of sub-grants, systems and accountability become even more critical.

Content and Objectives

  1. What systems does the prime contractor and grantee need to have in-place to make sub-awards?
  2. How do I select the most appropriate type of award?
  3. What are the options for financing a sub-award?
  4. What are the critical components of a sub-award document?
  5. What information is required by USAID for sub-award approval?
  6. How do I handle problems with a sub-awardee and audit?


Complete the on line questions when you register so we can better understand your needs. If possible, bring a lap top that can access the internet for classroom hands-on research and assignments.


Price – $1,350
Duration – 4-days

Who Should Attend

This course can benefit your entire organization to include staff in contracts and grants, procurement, finance, program, administration, compliance, audit and business development. With increased emphasis on funding local organizations by USAID your entire team could benefit from the course.

After the Course

You will be able to review your sub-award systems and determine areas of improvement and procedures needed to develop and manage sub-awards to reach your development goals.

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