Learn What Matters: The Difference Between Contracts & Grants



Price:  $55.00


This is the perfect interactive webinar to learn the difference between contracts and grants and what systems are needed to make the transition. The webinar will take participants step-by-step through the requirements:  pre-award, award policies, solicitation and bidding, award management, notifications, approvals, close-out, and audit.  The webinar will provide the cited FAR, AIDAR, 2 CFR 200/700 referenced so participants can continue researching the requirements.                

Content and Objective

  1. What are the different pre-award registration, certification and policy requirements?
  2. What are the different solicitation and bidding requirements?
  3. What are the different post-award approval notification requirements?
  4. What are the different cost principles and approval requirements?
  5. What are the different close-out and audit requirements?


Under “Webinars” at the top of the home page, select the scheduled webinar, complete the registration and payment options.   A receipt will be automatically sent to your email account.

Who Should Attend?

Making the transition between grants and contracts effects the entire organization:  home office, business development, program management and finance. Do not leave anyone out of this  important webinar.

After the Webinar

You will now know what it takes to go to the “other side” of development, diversify the portfolio and quit leaving money on the table!

Terms and Conditions

Development Essentials will not record the webinar.  Development Essentials requests participants not record the webinar to keep the session as interactive as possible where participants are free to share and ask the most critical questions.  The presentation will be sent to all participants after the webinar.  Prior to the webinar a participant can request a full refund (minus the PayPal processor fee) or select another webinar.

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