Learn Winning Answers to Competitive Range Discussions



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At Development Essentials, we think there are three steps to winning a USAID award:  being responsive to the solicitation requirements, reaching the competitive range and responding to discussion range questions.  Many organizations commitment enormous resources to developing a proposal but misunderstand discussion questions or what USAID is really looking for in the responses. This interactive webinar will go beyond the language of the FAR and explain what USAID is thinking when it prepares the discussion questions and what is the answer USAID is seeking with offeror responses.

Content and Objective

  1. How does USAID really determine the competitive range?
  2. What does discussion questions mean? What is the best way to answer discussion questions?
  3. What is USAID required to/may tell organizations during discussions?
  4. Can an organization make other changes to the proposal during discussions?
  5. How does USAID evaluate responses to discussion questions?


Under “Webinars” at the top of the home page, select the scheduled webinar, complete the registration and payment options.  A receipt will be automatically sent to your email account.  Send questions in advance to chris@developmentessentials.us to prepare for the webinar.

Who Should Attend?

If you are on the business development team or assigned to respond  competitive range questions, this is webinar for you.

After the Webinar

You will now know what it takes to answer the USAID discussion questions and win the award.

Terms and Conditions

Development Essentials will not record the webinar.  Development Essentials requests participants not record the webinar to keep the session as interactive as possible where participants are free to share and ask the most critical questions.  The presentation will be sent to all participants after the webinar.  Prior to the webinar a participant can request a full refund (minus the PayPal processor fee) or select another webinar.

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