Overview: as a consultation we can offer a review of your draft technical application and cost application. We understand a tremendous amount of time and effort goes into a preparing a application and our review may be able to provide the competitive wining edge. W’ll analyze the solicitation and ensure your application addresses the program description, evaluation criteria and submission instructions. We can also review your cost application and ensure all costs are allowable and reasonable, supports the technical application and the price is competitive overall.

Content and Objectives:

1. Has all USAID responses to questions been adequately addressed in the proposal?
2. Are all aspects of technical description included in the proposal?
3. Has all the requirements of the submission instructions been addressed?
4. Has all the technical evaluation criteria been met?
5. Is the price competitive and includes reasonable, allowable and allocable costs?
6. Does the cover letter include all required information?

Prerequisites: Provide a copy of the solicitation and draft technical proposal and cost proposal four days in advance of the scheduled consultation.

Registration: Price, $2,000. Payment is required in advance and on line at developmentessentials.us

Who Should Attend: The consultation is provided in oral and written format to the business development team and other staff contributing to the proposal development e.g. finance, contracting, administration and technical.

After the Consultations: Your organization will have a clear understanding and recommended steps to increase the competitive edge in the evaluation process.

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