Overview: Solicitation documents are complex, lengthy and sometimes include confusing language particularly for organizations not familiar with the solicitation process and short deadlines. Essential to developing a successful proposal is a critical solicitation analysis and focused strategy. Our team can analyze and provide a strategy for RFPs, RFAs, APS’, associate award and task order solicitations.

Content and Objectives:

1. What questions or clarifications should our organization submit to USAID?
2. What research can we conduct in advance of the solicitation deadline?
3. What are the critical aspects of the technical strategy?
4. What are the critical aspects of the cost strategy?
5. What critical components of a staffing strategy?
6. Based upon the evaluation criteria, what is the best approach?

Prerequisites: Provide a copy of the solicitation four days in advance of the scheduled consultation. A contractor or grantee may wish to submit questions to Development Essentials in advance to make best use of the consultation.

Registration: Price, $1,500. Payment is required in advance on line at developmentessentials.us.

Who Should Attend: The consultation is provided in oral and written format to the business development team and other staff contributing to the proposal development e.g. finance, contracting, administration and technical.

After the Consultations: your organization will have clear picture of the components of preparing a winning technical proposal and cost proposal.


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