Winning USAID Awards

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We understand the solicitation requirements are a challenge, the proposal process lengthy and the regulations sometimes confusing. Our courses are designed to provide the tools, skills and resources every organization needs to incorporate on daily basis and ultimately be successful at winning a USAID grant or contract. In this five day course we’ll take you through every step of the process: advanced preparation and research, analyzing the solicitation, proposal drafting and the negotiation process.


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We understand the solicitation requirements are a challenge, the proposal process lengthy and the regulations sometimes confusing. Our courses are designed to provide the tools, skills and resources every organization needs to incorporate on daily basis and ultimately be successful at winning a USAID grant or contract. In this five day course we’ll take you through every step of the process: advanced preparation and research, analyzing the solicitation, proposal drafting and the negotiation process.

March 7-11 in Bangkok, Thailand
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March 14-18 in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Content and Objectives

  1. How do I prepare my organization in advance of a solicitation?
  2. What research can my organization accomplish in advance of a solicitation?
  3. What are the different types of solicitations?
  4. How do I analyze the solicitation?
  5. How do I prepare my organization for drafting the proposal?
  6. How do I respond to negotiation questions from USAID?


Complete the on line questions when you register so we can better understand your needs. If possible, bring a lap top that can access the internet for classroom hands-on assignments and a solicitation your organization is interested in applying.


Course Duration – 5-days

Who Should Attend

The new business development team which may include technical, development, program, finance, contracting and administrative staff. As everyone in your organization has a role in new business development, the course is designed for the entire team.

After the Course

Most importantly you will be able to begin drafting your first proposal knowing the necessary steps to prepare your organization in advance, what research you can accomplish and how to prepare for drafting a proposal.


  1. :

    The Winning USAID Contracts Workshop was a great experience for me. I found the instructor, Chris O’Donnell, a former USAID Contracting Officer, to be extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Even though I’ve been writing USAID contract proposals for more than 25 years, I learned a lot. I especially appreciated the information on how to submit an unsolicited proposal and how to write a proposal without seeing the RFP. Very creative! I hope some of my clients embrace these strategies! I am putting the knowledge I’ve gained into action immediately! If you want to win more USAID contracts, this is the course for you. Being able to gain information that goes to the heart of the contracting process was invaluable. Don’t wait! Sign up today!

  2. :

    Winning USAID Grant Workshop exceeded my expectations. Chris was very helpful and always went above and beyond to answer any question and relate USAID to our specific organizations. I highly recommend this course because you leave with an understanding of USAID and how your organization can best satisfy their needs when it comes to grant applications.

  3. :

    I found Chris to be very knowledgeable on all the key components of this course. Having worked with USAID, he also has a wealth of practical experience and offers helpful tips not just on winning awards but was also able to break down the oftentimes confusing USAID language and acronyms which made the course come to life. His approach was also very engaging and I found he was able to get people to share their experiences from their different fields. He would have us all stand and do some drills that energized us for next sections. Other colleagues of mine have attended other courses by Development Essentials and we all feel that these courses are invaluable for us in the audit field.

  4. :

    I found the course very useful. I have certainly gained a lot of skills that will benefit my organisation in responding to the massive opportunities.That Chris has been largely exposed to reviewing USAID proposals makes him advantaged to give key insights.

  5. :

    The training was excellent. I now feel well equipped to solicit and manage USAID grants. Chris just unlocked the other greater window of opportunity- appreciating and navigating USAID grants. I liked the 5 months plan too. The course is worth the investment, I now have a vantage point to think like a donor, evaluate my own proposals like a donor and understand Federal Regulations better and when to apply them as an implementer. I encourage prospective applicants not to doubt the benefit. After the course, you will realize how little information you have in acquiring and managing grants and contracts. You will even become more confident to partner with USAID and any other donor. Chris! I enjoyed myself despite the serious jet lag. I never dozed during the entire course.

  6. (verified owner):

    The course serves as an excellent foundation for young organizations and a great review for others. Extremely practical information that can readily be applied. I expect the time and costs will prove to be a great investment. Thanks much.

  7. :

    Chris’ insights into USAID processes were incredibly useful, and the course provided a lot of useful information for both businesses and NGOs looking to get into USAID-funded work. Thanks for a very good experience!

  8. :

    Thanks for the excellent course, Chris. Winning USAID Awards gave me an understanding of the varied mechanisms by which USAID distributes awards and best practices for facilitating successful bids. For a beginning development professional, this gave me the opportunity to catch up to my peers significantly in my knowledge of how USAID works. I look forward to using my new knowledge to pursue projects for my company. Thanks again!

  9. :

    Very productive, my goal will be to get our front office buy-in to have you train us in-house. Perhaps a truncated course most especially focused on being competitive in the (1) USAID RFP area; (2) using similar skills for CONUS contract (and even grant) opportunities.

  10. :

    I found Chris O’Donnell to be extremely well read and knowledgeable of the key components required to understand opportunities at USAID, and how to find them, and participate in securing awards. The course was my first of its kind for me, and I was apprehensive at first, but Chris made us all feel at ease, and linked critical and relevant information to each of the participants. His style was warm and welcoming as he delivered the information to us so everyone felt comfortable asking questions — and he encouraged them. His consistent reviews of each section enabled us to remember critical points, and increased our confidence. I would highly recommend Chris and his training. He’s really exceptional!

    Julia Wilson

  11. (verified owner):

    This course was well worth my time! Chris really knows his stuff, and he packs a lot into five days. I am leaving with some very practical ideas for how to implement my organization’s strategy that I’m looking forward to putting into practice. Thanks Chris!

  12. (verified owner):

    The course is a great primer on how to identify opportunities with USAID, determine what USAID is looking for, the steps needed to prepare your firm to work with USAID, and ensure your proposal is responsive.

  13. :

    Thank you for the vision of coming up with something that can help organizations stand the test of times in the area of financial sustainability. All your advices and tips are invaluables. It is the great added value of your course. I look forward for a tailored course with our organization.
    I wish you all the best!


  14. :

    Representing a small organization it can often be overwhelming to try to apply for USAID grants or contracts but this course provides a clear and concise way forward. Lots of good insight is provided on how to improve your proposal and also what are the common mistakes that organizations make. I feel confident now on how to identify and apply for USAID grants and contracts.

  15. :

    The training is really informative and useful and bring us to know step by step to win USAID awards. The obstacle is we have no experience on the processes and have to learn a quite intensively to understand all of the procedures. It is necessary to have follow up action through small working group and start to writing the proposal so the process can be kept in mind easily.

  16. :

    the training was really useful. I will get back to you again Chris in case there are some more questions regarding winning USAID award.
    Thank you

  17. :

    I find the course is very informative and detailed, lots of useful information about where to get informations about USAID Award and also strategies to win a USAID award.
    A lot more exercise and examples of proposal analysis would be helpfull for the understanding process. Overall very useful training for new and emerging NGO.

  18. :

    I found the training is very informative, given examples of the calls documents, provide an insight of what important aspect to look at.
    by diligently looking at the example document and listen to review presented by the trainer, it helps increase understanding on how to respond for each calling.
    special note: the course participants should anticipate the comprehensive documents and review brought in this training with sufficient English skill.

  19. :

    Dear Chris,
    It was pleasure to be one of the participant in your excellent course.The course is so enlightening and it will re-position our organization to overcome financial crisis that may jeopardize our good work.Thank you for the vision and mission of coming up with something that can help organizations stand the test of times in the area of financial sustainability.I pray that you also develop something generic that can shed light on accessing resources from European countries
    All the best

  20. :

    This course provided excellent insight on the process of applications. It especially offered new routes for being funded for PASADA that could influence the organization for years to come. Thank you for sharing your breadth of knowledge to the PASADA staff, I am sure they will be forever grateful!

    Braden (Dalhousie University Student Intern at PASADA)

  21. :

    The course is very enlightening for those interested in winning USAID Awards.
    I have learned a lot of things I did not know!
    I recommend it to any individuals and organizations interested in USAID Awards.
    Bravo to Development Essentials and Chris for coming up with this Course.
    I suggest the course to be for 2 weeks to allow some flexibility and internalization during the course (especially for RFA and RFP modules).

  22. :

    Very informative Course, excellent presentation. I recommend it to anyone out there who would like to have an insight on winning USAID awards. Good investment!!!!!! Good Job Chris.

  23. :

    It was a great opportunity for me to be part of the course. Representing a small organization, I have learned not only about winning the grant, but also the information that I require for prior preparation which will enable development and improvement of systems in the organizations. The case studies, examples and policy reviews was great. looking forward to commence the process in the 5 months plan.

  24. :

    The course is very informative, rich in content. I recommend it to whoever wants to get insights on engaging with USAID. I learnt a lot about pitfalls that we have been falling into. Consider developing a package for in-house training for organisations. Am sure there are a number of them that would like to have this kind of training in-house.

  25. :

    This has been a very informative training. I have greater insights into how the USG grants and contracts award processes work, and now know the best strategy to adopt to win a USAID award. Chris has been a very engaging facilitator; he is patient with participants, very knowledgeable in his field and in the regulations as well. The environment in which the training was delivered enable open interaction, exchange of ideas and opinions – no question or opinion aired was considered inappropriate or unintelligent. It was and is a training worth attending. Thank you.

  26. (verified owner):

    The course is very informative and highlights alternative funding opportunities, through USAID, that our organisation can now take on. It also highlights areas where you can find helpful data.

  27. :

    Good package and extensive content. This a very useful training for beginners of USAID grants acquisition and a very good tool for USAID grants Management because it refreshes your mind to compliance issues. Nothing like making comyact with somebody who has been “in there”

  28. :

    Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive presentation for the course.It was very informative and I liked the information on funding doors, locating past and present USAID awards, RFAs and RFPs. Good job

  29. :

    Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive presentation for the course. To get so much information into a one-week training must have taken a ton of work and planning, and it is truly appreciated.

  30. :

    Winning USAID Awards is an informative 5-day course. I especially liked the information on funding doors, locating past and present USAID awards, RFAs and RFPs. The course would benefit from infusing group work activities into the the program. Good job.

  31. :

    This was great refresher to me and will definitely be quite useful as we explore contract opportunities with AID. As DE grows, you may in future need to partner with an auditor to provide training to both grantees and approved auditors on regulations/requirements.

  32. :

    Thanks Chris, the course was very informative on numerous funding opportunities out there. It is also great to learn how to prepare for future announcements. The choice of training venue was also good.

  33. :

    These 5 days course are very informative. I have learnt USAID procedures on Grant acquisition and I found it very important. During your presentations and discussions, I understand well about USAID processes. This knowledge will be very helpful for my career and for my organization. I highly recommend this course to individuals and organizations that want to partner with USAID. Thank you Chris,

  34. :

    Thank you Chris for taking us through the step by step procedure for various funding applications and providing detailed important information in the new OMB circular. You opened our eyes to new funding opportunities we had not considered, and will be submitting a concept paper NOW!

  35. :

    “Winning USAID Awards” course is a great 5-days intensive training that will assist a lot of individuals to understand how USAID works and what to do to apply for federal funding for developmental activities by recipients small or big.

  36. :

    Dear Chris,
    I would like to appreciate for the well organised training, It was such a well organised and informative training that met my expectations. I am confident that I have got the key to win the USAID Awards.
    As a second participant from my our organisation I have advised and recommended two of our finance team to attend in the upcoming Jan/Feb training in Nairobi-Kenya.
    Thank you,


  37. :

    First thank you very much for your kind support and helping me to get this valuable training with out any payment. Then in the five days training I got a lot of knowledge and skills to win USAID Grant. I wish good time for you and hopefully we will see Development Essentials one of the vibrant organization.
    Thank you very much.

  38. :

    Dear Chris,
    I found the course being very informative. You taught us based on the actual experience you had with USAID and I see that being highly valuable. As a result of your presentations and discussions, I have got good understanding about the processes of winning USAID grants and this course has also motivated me to do additional personal readings and thank you very much for organizing this sort of very helpful course.
    Please keep up the good work!
    Zerihun Awano
    Programme Director
    ADRA Ethiopia

  39. :

    The course was extremely useful and helped me a lot to understand all possibilities of engagement with the USAID, to prepare a solid application and be able to compete for its grants and contracts. I also got much better understanding of the new US grants regulations. Chris was very professional and helpful during the whole time, the course definitely was very worthy and eye opening.

  40. :

    It was fantastic training and let me repeat it was eye opening for me with regards to USAID Award wining. Awesome and keep it up in building capacity of the experts who are responsible for fund raising in their respective organizations;
    Million thanks

  41. :

    It has been a productive training week. I have learned a lot regarding how USAID works from an insiders look. The training highly complements the strategy my organization is currently following in making in-roads into government grants particularly USAID’s. Thank you!

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