By Chris O’Donnell
July 13, 2014

While USAID’s latest data on USAID Forward released in April 2014 indicates USAID is more than halfway to the 30 percent goal by FY15; it appears from current reporting, not all missions are required to reach the 30 percent target.  As an aggregate target and no specific mission targets, the math, in the end, may not add up to 30 percent. It’s clear that some countries with weak institutions and a less developed civil society, the target may be too ambitious, while others could do more, but how much more is needed to hit the agency goal of 30 percent.  USAID’s Office of Small and Disadvantage Businesses realized that no one bureau could be held accountable for USAID missing its small business targets year after year and instituted office and mission goals for small businesses contracting for FY14.

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