Overview: For some organizations project close-out is a low priority, not receiving the needed attention until the award deadline approaches. Timely planned and executed close-out of grants and contracts is critical. Organizations need to notify staff, programs require transition, close-out funds allocated, assets transferred and reports prepared. A comprehensive close-out plan has many benefits: utilizing talented staff, program sustainability, follow-on awards and preserving legacy documents for the future.

Content and Objectives:

1. When should our organization start planning for close-out?
2. When should our organization consider an award extension?
3. What costs are allowable for close-out?
4. How do I prepare for final audit of the program?
5. What do I tell my staff about close-out and extensions?
6. How do we handle disposition of equipment, vehicles and assets?
7. How do we ensure a contractor performance report is accomplished?

Prerequisites: Complete the on line questions when you register so we can better understand your needs. If possible, bring a lap top that can access the internet for classroom hands-on research and assignments.

Registration: Price, $950; Duration, 3-days.

Who Should Attend: This course can benefit your entire organization to include staff in contracts and grants, procurement, finance, program, administration and compliance. As close-out has an impact across the organization and programs, involving all staff in the process can produce better outcomes.

After the Course: your organization will be able to develop a comprehensive and well timed close-out plan that includes aspects of program, financial, contracts, procurement, human resources, administration and assets.  A course certificate will be provided on graduation.


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