U.S. Embassy Local Compensation Plan


On September 13, 2019 USAID removed from the Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet Form AID 1420-17 salary history for employees and consultants. This is the perfect salary market survey for any organization now search for a fast and easy alternative. This product includes the latest available US Embassy Local Compensation Plan with salary schedule and human resources handbook. The plan includes host country labor laws and US embassy local staff holidays, allowances/benefits, bonus, premium pay, local social security system, leave, medical, death and disability, severance pay, retirement and other end of service benefits, workers’ compensation, travel and TDY. The US embassy handbook includes: embassy and consulate policies, recruitment and employment, job evaluation, compensation, promotions (within-grade increases), attendance and leave, awards program, health program, death benefits, training, performance management, standards of ethical conduct and employee responsibilities, grievances, disciplinary action, equal employment opportunity grievance process, separation, severance pay, reduction-in-force, safety, health and environmental management and special immigrant visa.

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This is the perfect proposal tool to get the early jump on drafting technical and cost proposals. Did you know on September 13, 2019 USAID posted with no advance notice the new Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet Form AID 1420-17 removing salary history for proposed employees and consultants. With this significant change, implementers will now need to quickly develop or find salary market surveys covering countries and positions where they are working or plan to work. This product removes the confusion over developing local staff employment agreements and effects of host government labor law, benefits, severance, close-out and termination. With more accurate budgeting of the local labor, benefits, travel, lodging and meals and incidental expenses (MI&E), organizations can make the government evaluators consider cost as a significant factor in the award process.

Content and Objective

  1. How to develop a proposal budget accurately estimating labor including salary and benefits (allowances)?
  2. How to develop a local staff employment agreement?
  3. What the host government requirements for local social security system?
  4. How to develop a country policy for travel, lodging and meals and incidental expenses (MI&E)?
  5. What are host government labor requirements for project close-out and termination?
  6. How to manage grievances and disciplinary actions?


This product makes it easy for new, emerging and growing organizations to break into a highly competitive market–getting a jump on the competition with proposal preparation and country human resource policies.


Under “Proposal Tools” at the top of the home page, select the product “US Embassy Local Compensation Plan.” The buyer may select one or more countries before making a payment.  If the country is not listed email info@developmentessentials.us  Documents are in PDF format and download is limited to one time only.  If you have technical problems during download email chris@developmentessential.us Organizations may distribute the document within the buyer’s organization.

Who Should Purchase the Product

Any organization that is bidding not only on USAID solicitations, but also on US government solicitations that include economic, technical and humanitarian  work e.g. US Department of  State, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Department of Agriculture, Department of Defense and Millennium Challenge Corporation and other agencies.  Purchase now and stop waiting on USAID to provide a heavily redacted salary scale 10 days before the submission deadline.

After the Purchase

Organizations will get a jump on the competition by developing the cost proposal at the earliest time.  After winning the award, organizations will have the tools to develop human resource policies and procedures to include employee agreements, benefits, travel, lodging, per diem and meals and incidental expenses (MI&E).

Terms and Conditions

The Development Essentials’ on-line store offers products for sale to non-government organizations engaged in U.S. foreign assistance implementation with the goal to streamline the proposal and application submission process. When appropriately applied the products can enhance all phases of the bidding process: research, planning, drafting and submission. Products offered may take the form of downloadable documents or mailed software and manuals and are distributed solely by Development Essentials to the buyer and its organization. Some products copy right may apply and are marked accordingly. By purchasing the product, the organization agrees not to copy, print, e-mail or fax the product with the intention to redistribute or resell the product to another organization or individuals not the buyer under penalty of law. Electronic download is limited to one time only. For any questions regarding the products or terms and conditions contact info@developmentessentials.us.

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